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Soap Bundles

Soap Bundles

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Each Soap Bundle is a delightful surprise waiting to unfold. You will receive four randomly-selected soap samples, each cut with precision from the ends of our full-sized bars. This unique approach ensures you receive a full bar's worth of soap, if not more.

While the content of each bundle is random, the selection is anything but. We ensure to send out only our prettiest soap samples at the time—because we believe that visual appeal is part of the holistic sensory pleasure of using our products.

Key Features of Our Soap Bundles:

  • Eco-Friendly: We take pride in our zero-waste process, where every piece of soap is treasured.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Handpicked to ensure you receive a visually appealing assortment.
  • Full-Bar Equivalent: Receive the full value of one standard soap bar in a variety of samples.
  • Surprise Element: Discover new favorites as each bundle is a random selection from our widest range.
  • Responsible Luxury: Luxuriate in the knowledge that your choice supports sustainable practices.
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